Nutrition’s Analyzes Student’s Skin And Traces Problems Back To Her Diet

Our skin is a part of our body that we are constantly taking care of whether that be with moisturizers, face masks or simply washing your face. However, our facial skin can tell a lot about our health that we normally can’t see without going deeper into the body.

Nutritionist Kim Pearson diagnosed 20-year-old student Izzie’s skin and shares tips on how to improve diet and lifestyle, so the skin looks healthy and young. She took an image of Izzie and had a forensic medical artist render how Izzie would look in ten years’ time if she continued her current way of living. Pearson then broke down the basics of what was going on with Izzie’s skin and how she could improve it Dehydrated Skin: CAUSE: Alcohol -Students like Izzie often have late nights out where they are binge drinking and partying. Excessive alcohol dehydrates the skin and causes the body to lose more fluids than usually. Kim recommends alternating every alcoholic drink with a glass of water on nights out. To make the water even more effective, add mint or other vegetables/fruit. Sagging Skin: CAUSE: Sugar-Too much sugar weakens the skin’s elasticity and causes the skin to sag. Kim recommends reading food labels carefully and replace sugars with natural sweeteners. Cut down on white carbs and opt for a brown pasta or rye bread. Wrinkles: CAUSE: Fried Food-Fried food has the same negative effect on the body as smoking, pollution and alcohol. To fix this limit fried foods and eat fresh, steamed or raw, vegetables and fruits. Patchy Skin: CAUSE: Processed Foods-Unhealthy fats are often found in processed foods and junk foods which can cause inflammation of the skin. Watch out for pizza, chips, burgers, and hotdogs. Switch these foods for anti-inflammatory foods such as oily fish, turmeric, tomatoes, walnuts and flaxseeds. Puffy Skin: CAUSE: Salty Foods -Excessive salt in a diet can cause bloating of the body and the skin to puff up. Careful with your salt intake and watch what you are eating. read more

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