Apparently Washing Your Hair With Champagne Makes It Shiny?

As soon as we think Instagram beauty gurus can’t come up with anything more ridiculous, they prove us wrong. The newest invention by Instagram is washing your hair with champagne.

Bet you thought that pricey champagne you are saving is only for a fancy dinner-but, no! Instagram beauty guru Madina Shrienzada posted a video where she rinses her hair with a bottle of champagne. She claims this method tames frizz and adds shine and body to her hair. She films her step by step tutorial starting her hair off into four sectioned ponytails. She then sockas them in a bottle of champagne. She then pours herself a glass and the pours the rest of the bottle all over her hair. One commenter said the video was "harmful to women who don't know any better" and "next thing you know you'll have a video telling girls to pour Coca-Cola in their hair..." Her hair seems to be shiny and full of life, but is it really worth the price thrown down the drain? read more

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