Are You Brave Enough To Wear This Top Made Entirely From Glitter?

Meet the newest trend, crop tops made entirely of glitter and you may need some serious guts to wear this in public.

This trend was first posted on The Go Get Glitter Instagram account who broadcasted the idea to their 285,000 followers. The top has no fabric and is just a thick layer of glitter and jewels on the body. People are torn as to whether they like the trend or not. On one hand, adding a little flitter to your life is never harmful and can spice up any boring outfit. Others are concerned about the logistics of the top. Like what would happen if it rains? Or you sweat? Does it come off? Will it get itchy after a while? Although the idea of the top may not practically work in a day to day setting it may be perfect for festivals. For everyday wear, high waisted jeans and a leather jacket pair well with the trend or maybe even under a white t-shirt. Would you wear this? read more

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