Kanye West In the Public’s Eye Yet Again, This Time For Socks And Tiny Slides

The Kardashians and Kanye West seem to be in the media constantly, for every sentence they say and every action they go through in a day. Kanye’s newest attention grabber is the sock and slider he wore to a wedding.

As Kim and Kanye made their way to a friend’s wedding, they both made bold statements with their choice of clothing. Kim was wearing a neon skin-tight bodycon dress with sunglasses while Kanye was wearing a pale green suit with his shoe combo. He wore powder blue socks and grey sliders that his feet were way too big for. Twitter users went crazy roasting Kanye for his shoe choice. @laurariceli said “Why is Kanye West out in a suit and wearing sliders that geriatrics wear when they get deep vein thrombosis”. The expensive sliders are now sold out which give the public the impression that Kanye used this fashion choice as a media ploy. Yeezy knows how to get our attention and manipulate us. read more

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