Trash2Trash-New York’s Creative Addition To Reduce Trash On The Streets

The city of New York has one of the world’s most prominent population with a growing population of 8.5 million. With the growth of habitants in the city, there has also been a large growth in waste created by the habitants. Most of the waste ends up on the streets, littering the beautiful roads, creating a health hazard for the whole city.

Trash2Trash is a creative new way to minimize litter on the streets and encourage the public to clean the streets as well. Art Directors, Vrasidas Golemis and Joao Unzer designed a way to motivate the public and integrate their opinions into one earth saving game. The game includes two trash cans with a different celebrity on each trash can asking “Who is the Trashiest”? The public participates and casts their vote with who they think the trashiest celeb is.Some say this is a form of bullying taken onto the streets. What do you think? read more

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